Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living in Extreme Weather


Cold Weather
Do you know the name of animals that live in very cold weather?How do they survive?
Polar bears have thick furs to enable them to live in very cold weather.

Penguins have thick layers of fat under their skins to keep their bodies warm.

Arctic foxes sleep during cold weather and cover their bodies with their long tails.

Hot Weather
Camels have humps on their backs to store food and water. They can drink as much as 200 litres of water a day.

Rhinoceroses keep their bodies cool by wallowing in mud holes.

Fill in the blanks with the correct answer.
1. Which animal can survive in hot weather?
    Animal P and Q.
2. Which animal can survive in cold weather?
    Animals R.
3. What are the characteristics of the animals above that help them to   survive in the kind of weather mentioned in Questions 1 and 2?
   i)  P : Has humps to store food
  ii)  Q : Thick skin
 iii)  R : Thick fur

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